TanzMan is one of the creators and owners of Herr Zimmerman, techno-electro club night & also Label Manager of the Herr Zimmerman Record Label, originated in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  The musical style of TanzMan can be best described as a very energetic, very danceable, beats & bassline  driven, funky (minimal)techno & techno-electro. His academic biochemical background might also explain his love for the chemistry, that drives people to dance!...

Below you can find several impressions of TanzMan rocking @ Herr Zimmerman. Enjoy the chemistry! 😉 




TanzMan DJ sets are always part of very energetic Herr Zimmerman club nights, playing together with artists like T 78 (IT), Black Asteroid (USA),  Sven Wittekind (DE), Bjorn Torwellen (DE), Klaudia Gawlas (DE), Niereich (AU), Gesaffelstein (FR), Brodinski (FR),  Marika Rossa (UKR),  I PUNK (AT), Zombie Nation (DE), Erol Alkan (UK), Dr. Lektroluv, Angy Kore (IT), The Horrorist (USA), AL Ferox (ES/ITA), MOTOR DJ’s (D-R-U-N-K), France), DJ Hell (Gigolo), T. Raumschmiere (DE), Anthony Rother (DE), The Hacker (FR), Franz & Shape (Italy, Relish Recordings),  Adriano Canzian (IT) , David Carretta (Gigolo, Space Factory, FR), Ascii.Disko (ES), MAR T (club Amnesia, ES), Ken Ishii (JP), Tony Rohr, and many more…

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