Nieuwe avonturen Herr Zimmerman!

ZAT.27 DEC - Herr Zimmerman sluit het jaar af met knallende X-mas After Party in Rotterdam!

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Fraulein Z releases 'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman' - remix by The Horrorist (New York)

'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman' is a new techno banger produced by Fraulein Z. Fraulein Z dedicates this release to all the thousands of great party people, that have partied and supported the Herr Zimmerman clubnights in the past years!  This release also has a great remix surprise coming from the New York underground artist The Horrorist!

'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman' is one hell of ride to one of the best underground techno-electro parties you can imagine! - 
 'Zug nach Herr Zimmerman!,... Einsteigen bitte!' ;-)

Listen below on youtube! - (Check out The Horrorist remix and official video on Herr Zimmerman's muzik page!)

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